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A Little About TBTS

My background in computers goes back to when I was just 14. I have always been fascinated with all kinds of electronics. I liked to open them and see how they work and how I could fix them. Now I do what I love. I make sure that your technology is working and available for use. No one likes to invest thousand of dollars into technology to have them fail weeks later. The fact that they need maintenance cannot be avoided. My team and I will make sure you are satisfied with our services. 

Emmanuel Gutierrez Founder-CEO


We are a Chicago based company that aims to deliver excellent service to our customers. We want to make sure your investment lasts. TBTS was founded on the sole purpose of providing excellent customer care and support. We are trying new ways to interact and establish a  healthy trust relationship with our clients.


 In some countries during the '70s, including the United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, and the Netherlands, cassette data storage was so popular that some radio stations would broadcast computer programs that listeners could record onto cassette and then load into their computer.

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